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Wednesday, November 9 2005

Jeevan Padiyar


ONTARIO, CA — November 11, 2005 — Internet media company RawVoice Inc. plans to unveil the PodcasterNews Network (PCN) at the Portable Media Expo this weekend. The Podcaster News Network allows listeners to assemble and download personalized podcast news shows with incredible ease. The PodcasterNews Network can be found at

“This is the ultimate customized audio news program,” said Todd Cochrane, President and CEO of RawVoice “The PodcasterNews Network lets someone pick the topics they want to hear and puts them together into one program feed, called a MyCast. You want a little tech news, some sports and some fashion tips each day, then that’s what you put in your MyCast.” Cochrane, who is also host of Geek News Central and author of Podcasting: The Do it Yourself Guide, said PCN is the next step in personal media evolution. The site focuses on user experience and will be a terrific advertising opportunity to reach targeted audiences .

Jeevan Padiyar, the CFO of RawVoice and an admitted geek, said PCN is for anyone who wants free, on-demand, customized news. “PCN is for people who are tired of waiting to hear what they care about. It allows them to construct and download a news program that is 100% in tune with their interests.”

Podcasting is an increasingly popular form of audio content delivery that requires far less equipment than what is needed for over-the-air broadcasting. Podcasts are radio shows that can be downloaded from the internet and listened to on an mp3 player like the iPod.

The podcasters contributing to PCN inject their own opinions into their shows. “By being passionate about their subject areas, our podcasters bring the news to life,” Cochrane said. PCN contributors already have established long format podcasts. The best part about PCN, according to Cochrane is that each news segment has fresh ideas and commentary, and runs just five minutes.

PCN is designed to work with iTunes, Yahoo, or any other podcast software that syncs a user’s mp3 player. Visitors can also listen to shows from the website directly. “We want to ensure complete user satisfaction, and the best way to do that is to give the end user as many choices as possible,” added Brian Yuhnke, the companies Creative Director, “but the greatest part of the site is the MyCast which allows visitors to create an account and pick only the segments they want included in their MyCast.” The proprietary PCN software then takes care of the rest. It automatically updates each MyCast with the newest content from only those categories already selected, so that a fresh news show is available each day, living up to RawVoice’s philosophy of providing “Fresh Organic Media.”

The diverse podcaster line up includes Mental Health Guru Dr. Fran Babiss, New York GLBT activist Allen Roskoff and Bay-area pastor and commentator Reverend Tim Hohm. Users can include segments from as many podcasters as they want, and podcasts on a variety of topics are being added to PCN every day.

More information about PCN can be found at

About RawVoice, Inc.
Founded in 2005 in Reno, Nevada, RawVoice, Inc. distributes fresh organic media with a commitment to avoid the one-size-fits-all corporate blandness of the major media outlets. The Podcast News Network is the premier product of RawVoice, Inc.