Podcaster News Network RoadMap


Quick Update: We have been literally working around the clock making improvements to the PodcasterNews.com website. We recognized that we needed to streamline a couple of the sites inner workings and have those changes almost ready to be rolled out. At the same time we have been dealing with a huge influx of new content producer applications that we are diligently working through. We expect to add about 20 shows this week alone and this will help us fill some of the content categories that we are currently low on inventory in.

The rest of the team is preparing for our next 2 major announcements, we have to be sure that the proposals and structuring is correct as the rest of the podcasting community will be watching. But one thing that we need to prepare for now is the second phase of PCN were we target major metropolitan areas and have regional and major metropolitan communities of news content, for every major city in the United States.

So here is the call to action. You must live in the city that you apply for, so if you want to be considered for a content manager job of Washington DC you must live within the beltway, your job will be to build a team of content producers in your local community. This will allow not only PCN to have national coverage but also community specific. If you want to apply for this type of position we need a Bio and Resume sent to ceo@rawvoice.com if you do not have a resume a very motivating e-mail will help.

The momentum is building and we look forward to having you join our evolution of media distribution!