Jason Calacanis and a Podcast Prediction


I smiled when I saw this, and wanted to share what Jason Calacanis is predicting!

“12. No podcasting company will have any significant success in 2006, but a number of podcasters will be offered great jobs at Sirius and XM Radio.”

I am sure some will have sights on millions of dollars, but the true measure of success will be if we can continue to build the Podcaster News Network as we have been, and continue to grow the content on the website. We were the first to launch a Citizen Media Podcast News Outlet, we did it while working our day jobs and not sleeping much. Success is in the fact, that our team is helping to drive the evolution in media, one day, and one story at a time. This is success in any measurable word.

We are excited about the prospects of 2006 and we many not get rich (thats not the goal) but we may be able to put a few dollars in our content producers pockets for their time and at the same time get our podcast engine deployed to other organizations that are joining the media evolution.

I would be happy to talk to XM or Sirius, nothing like short to the point content in rapid fire action, perfect content for busy people on the go. want to talk we will be happy to talk to them but guess what are making this evolution happen without them. (Jason Calacanis)