Podcast With us and Make Money!


We are a few weeks away from announcing some new cool stuff here at RawVoice and I want to be the first to extend an invitation to Podcast With us and Make money!

So what is the catch? In a nutshell there isn’t one. We have tried very hard to give Podcasters what they want

1. No long term commitments
2. You still own your content and your brand
3. You are not locked into accepting advertisers only from us.
4. You keep control of your show, your RSS feed and you don’t have to promote other shows
5. You make real money and don’t have to have 100,000s of listeners
6. You get a fair share of advertising revenue by knowing exactly what percentage of Advertising Revenue you will be taking home!
7. You retain membership in other networks.
8. Your podcast continues to grow with our BrandBuilders program.

We are not saying you will get to quit your day job, but some of you may be able to make a house or car payment without giving away the rights to your show. Work with people who have a proven track record putting money in podcasters pockets, who don’t have investors to satisfy and who only get paid after you do!

Want to know more? Drop us a e-mail today, at marketing@rawvoice.com. We will fill you in on the details soon.

Don’t sign your life away! We have openings for a 1000 podcasters in every category imaginable. Reserve your spot today!