Podcaster News Network & HBO Advertising Campaign


The team here at RawVoice is happy to announce that select shows on the Podcaster News Network are participating in a podcast advertising campaign for a new show launch on HBO. Working in conjunction with Podtrac, RawVoice had properties on the Podcaster News Network that fit the demographics of this campaign for HBO.

The advertising campaign is promoting a fictional series about Polygamy, and although we have not seen the show titled “Big Love” we are sure it will be an interesting new series. I am sure many of you have seen the Soprano’s with that series having the mafia as a backdrop to it’s story line, and like the Soprano’s this new series about relationships should be just as interesting. Viewers will find out on its debut March 12th. If you’re interested, you can watch the “Big Love” trailer at http://www.hbo.com/biglove/

RawVoice looks forward to working with Podtrac in future advertising ventures; we also welcome HBO to the podcast advertising space and look forward to their future participation.

The Podcaster News Network has an ongoing limited amount of prime advertising space available, our audience numbers are growing daily and we look forward to working with other agencies that will get your message in front of our dedicated audience.

The Podcaster News Network is managed and owned by RawVoice producing fresh organic media each day.

For more info and a list of participating shows visit the [Podcaster News Network]

CEO Todd Cochrane
RawVoice Inc.