Podcaster News Network Promo Play Winners


In February we put out a challenge, play the promo for the Podcaster News Network on your Podcasts to be entered to win $100.00, and have the winners podcast promo played on all of the network shows at least once during the month of March.

The promo was played on over 300 shows, thus we are pretty happy with the results.

$100.00 and Promo Winner is MissingAlert.com
Promo Winner Blind Access Journal
Promo Winner Miami Valley Musicast
Promo Winner Ed’s Mixed Bag
Promo Winner FogView Podcast

We had some runner ups as well, that will also get their promo played on the network this month. All of these shows will now have exposure to over 100,000 listeners here at the Podcaster News Network, Thanks for your participation!