Connecting Listeners & Podcasters in one Place


Part of my RawVoice’s goal has been to build solutions that will allow Podcast Listeners to connect with Podcasters and at the same time build podcasting communities.  With that we are ready to announce 1 of 4 initiatives today that will be the initial steps in helping podcasters build audiences. We will be following up with some other initiatives in the coming weeks that we have had in planning.

Today when you visit some of the podcast directories all you really see is list of shows. Sure some of those directories have built up great communities and have nice added features, don’t get me wrong each are good in their own way, and have done a lot to build this great community, but the question I ask is what are they doing to help podcasters build audience share in a equal and equitable way. The key point to focus on is a equal and equitable way.

Many have top 100 list and we all love to be in the Top 100 don’t get me wrong, but is that helping listeners find new shows that are down in the weeds that have quality content.  The question I also ask my team is how are we helping listeners find new and exciting content. It is obvious that Apple and Yahoo are picking shows that their staff think are good, but only a small percentage actually get to be featured. Thus when we went down the initial development road I wanted a site that would give participants equal front page time yet help listeners find new podcast.

A lot of listeners find out about new shows when other podcasters play their promos. Over the past year I have played over 300 promos on my personal show, and I am sure many of you have also played countless promos to help new podcasters out. Which leads to what we are re-launching today, I made a strategic alignment last year with Trucker Tom with my parent company and although that alignment was initially a symbolic one late last fall I knew my team was in a position to help Tom on a website he ran.

So what my team at RawVoice has done is this, we have taken his website at and completely bulldozed it. Today we will be releasing the new website running on the RawVoice Generator which is becoming a premier podcast distribution engine with various companies and schools. Including the site that is running on.

We re-skinned the PodcastPromos site, made some adjustments for open podcast promo submissions and are ready to cut it loose. This is what the site is going to offer. You will be able to create a personal show account, create a profile, with links to your show and you RSS feed with details about your show and keyword information.

Once that is done you will be able to submit up to 3 promos to the site via a URL link of your choosing with each of them having a maximum length of 2 minutes.

Once you submit the file, the RawVoice Generator will download and verify that the file is indeed a MP3 and meets some very minimum bit/sample rates and does not exceed 2 minutes in length. When that is done the entry will post in your podcast program page with the original link to the MP3 and shortly after that the promo will be posted to the front page in your selected show category.

Listeners and podcasters will be able to subscribe to specific category RSS feeds, or listen via a XSPF based flash player that is online. Listeners and Podcasters alike can follow a specific show by adding them to their MyCast listing which will produce them a custom RSS feed of all the programs that they have subscribed to.

The site design encourages podcasters to keep their promos, and show announcements fresh, this will be a free way to promote your podcast and gain your site exposure, cost of admission is free, but we will be adding some pay services to the site dependent upon community utilization.

The site is not crowded with a bunch of stuff that will confuse listeners it was designed for speed, and we hope that you all take the time to submit your promos while at the same time sending us feedback on what you like and dislike. []