RawVoice Podcaster Relationship Philosophy!


Our inbox has been stacking up today with request for information on Blubrry, if you listen to our official show on the Podcaster News Network, or the personal show of our CEO you will know that he has hinted at what Blubrry and Rasbrry will offer. But let us first say, that from the beginning this company has been built on the values of “Podcasters do the Work, Podcasters get Paid”. Obviously a company has to make money, but we will grow as our community grows, and we are dedicated to respecting the hard work podcasters have put into building their programs.

Let me talk about a vision we have here, and this will give you some ideas where we are headed with our new product offerings, each podcasters brand and content is independently valuable and respected. Podcasters with small audiences should be given the same chance to succeed in building audience sizes as those with established shows. We feel that podcasters creative content is to be respected, and that they should never be required to give up the rights to their shows. More importantly Podcaster should not be tied to long term commitments, life is to full of change and each of our priorities change from time to time. Podcasters should not be stopped from associating with other podcasting groups. No Podcaster should be forced to accept an advertiser that they do not want. Transparency in advertising deals is critical, podcasters should know exactly where they stand financially when someone is negotiating a contract on their behalf. Without exception podcasters should be told exactly what their share of advertising revenue will be, and the exact percentage that the company “RawVoice” is getting. Your show is your creation and we fell that you don’t deserve to be treated like property but instead as part of a family. Finally and most importantly we believe that you should be able to retain control of every aspect of your show no mater what the business relationship is.

We feel that we will be bringing to the table unique opportunities with Blubrry and Rasbrry and dependent on your goals, will allow your shows to grow, possibly make money, giving you a point of presence that is un-equaled today in the podcasting space!

Like a fine wine, the grapes that went into making it were nurtured and raised on a vine, that vine was watered and taken care of with care to ultimately produce a bunch of grapes that as a collective produced the product that is served. We will in the near future send out invitations for the hundreds that have already requested information on Rasbrry and Blubrry with a public reveal in the near future.