Forrester Podcast Research beyond Wrong!


I can safely say I have personally been tracking podcast listener statistics in bulk longer than anyone else. I have been tracking podcast listener statistics at and among our properties here at RawVoice. I have 10 months of hard core listener data from a large variety of podcast across multiple networks.

This has been using custom tools like podstats, and the recently added stats tool we built for the RawVoice Generator, that is currently deployed on our networks and several others here in the United States, and in Europe at the moment. My colleagues here at RawVoice do not get to see the numbers we collect at as that network is it’s own private enterprise, but let me say this. By looking at all that data when combined I can tell you one thing for sure the numbers by Forrester Research are really wrong.

If they were correct then the networks that I work with would have 50% of the unique listeners of the entire podcasting community, and If you believe we have 50%, I have a bridge that I want to sell you. Forrester is estimating in saying there may be only 700,000 listening households, personally I think the unique listener number is probably about 10 times that many.

This report was obviously not based on fact and they did not reach out to any of us that have valid data. I agree with [John Furrier] that the data they have presented is invalid.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice