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As many of you know the team here at RawVoice is in the final stages of development of which when launched will be significantly different type of podcasting site. This team has worked on the concept, layout and back end programming for the site for nearly six months, and we feel we are now in a position to start revealing the concept and the listing requirements to podcasters that may be interested in being on the site. Over the next several weeks we will be having some informational meetings were we talk about the site, the goals, and what will be offered to get feedback from the community along with a opportunity to be included in the site when we go live.

To date we have been working with our team of content producers at Podcaster News Network ( and they have been instrumental in shaping Blubrry. The concept for the site lies within the highly diverse RawVoice team, but has ultimately been influenced by Podcasters and many of the observations over the past year of what is happening in the podcasting space.. The majority of the team at RawVoice podcast and we all know the struggle of building YOUR brand and growing YOUR audience. is going to be a site that will allow your brand to be represented equally, and at the same time assure that the hard work you have put in is not turned over to someone else, and that you remain in control of everything you have worked to build. Blubrry is not a directory let me be very clear about that, but it will be a site where listeners will be able to find content they are looking for and join a integrated community.

Sure we have a business model wrapped around the site, but it is a business model that has been shaped and scrutinized by podcasters. We pledge to have podcaster best interest at heart in anything we do. Over the past six months podcasters have been signing up at for more information. Today the initial invitations where sent to podcasters that have expressed an interest in the participating on the site. There are no restrictions to participating on the site even if you are a member of some other network! You are welcome to drop us an e-mail that we will keep in strict confidence and then will forward you a invitation to sit in on one our pre-launch discussions where we will reveal all and at the same time take your inputs into consideration if you do not like a provision of being part of the community. Because we are building a community, prior to the launch no podcaster will be allowed to be listed on the site unless they have had a opportunity to hear what we have planned and also given a opportunity to provide feedback.

Ultimately the Goals are Simple, Give listeners a site to find great content that is organized in a way that is not currently being done, while at the same time build your sites brand, and help you grow your listenership.

This is an invitation to those that want to take a look behind the curtains before we go live, and to be onboard when we launch, and have input into what ultimately will be a fantastic community of podcasters and podcast listeners.

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