About Blubrry


Why the funny name?

We at RawVoice beleive in creating Fresh Organic Media. In time with our mission we felt that nothing “says celebrate the fruits of your labor with the people who make your show sweet” than Blubrry. It’s not Blubbery but a crisp, refreshing podcaster AND listener community called blubrry– where there is no “E” in fruit and no “I” in our philosophy.

Blubrry is not a directory, it’s a community.

We are a community that has listing requirements. If you are looking for a place where podcasters and listeners can meet, interact and learn from each other, blubrry is the place for you.

Join Us!

Become a member of a family that truly cares about your well being, and will help you build your audience, strenghthen your brand and support you as you take your show to the next level.

All we ask is that you help build Blubbry by mentioning us in your podcast and giving our team the opportunity help you find sponsors and underwriters for your show.

So what is the catch?

In a nutshell there isn’t one. We have tried very hard to give Podcasters what they want, with no long term commitments.

1. Own your content and your brand.
2. Adverstise with anyone. Just give us one 30 second spot to leverage in ad deals.
3. Refuse any ad deal we bring to the table, if you like.
4. Keep control of your show, your RSS feed and the ability to promote anyone or no one. It’s your choice!
5. Make real money without the requirement of 100,000s of listeners.
6. Know exactly what percentage of each deal you take home and keep most of advertising revenue we generate for you.

We are not saying you will get to quit your day job, but some of you may be able to make a house or car payment without giving away the rights to your show. Work with people who have a proven track record putting money in podcasters pockets, who don’t have investors to satisfy and who only get paid after you do!

Blubrry is a RawVoice Company

Since its founding in 2005, RawVoice has been turning the media eco-system upside down by listening from the roots. The company helps citizen journalists use podcasting to create fresh, organic media that is carried directly to listeners without editorial processing.