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A post that hit the mark [].

Biz Podcasting had nice things to say at [].

Here is our official PRWeb Press release.

Shel Holtz give a great review in his Podcast, a nice write up at [].

Alex Williams at Corante compares us to Podshow+ and we like the comparison I think podcasters will find our terms a bit more in their favor, but only time will tell.

The folks at PodcastingNews gave us a nice write up as well.

We have a lot of work to do and we do want to thank all of the sites that gave us some link love, and as we continue to smack down bugs on the site, and roll out all the feature sets we hope everyone will keep a eye on what were cranking out.

Here is some trivia for you did you know the team at RawVoice all have day jobs and that we are bootstrapping this company on our own? Keep that in mind as companies with large investment dollars roll out there sites this week.