Who controls your Content?

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At RawVoice we know that you are the masters of your content, and the branding and associations you wrap around that content belong to you. We have prided ourself in our business model of not having to ensnare you with gratis offers that require you to give up content control, and show branding, with possible manipulation and re-distribution by a third party.

At RawVoice we ensure that your content is spotlighted on our sites, so that those that have not been exposed to your content before can discover your programming easily, while maintaining your home website brand integrity. PLUS giving listeners and consumers looking for specific topics or new shows a quick, and easy way to find content they are looking for without being bombarded by advertising . We also help those that are searching for narrow focused content to subscribe and consume that programming easily, so that only those shows with content on the subjects they want are retrieved.

For companies and independent content content producer it’s a great time to be creating content that you control under your brand. It does not mater if you an independent, small, or large business you can now effortlessly create content, that consumers, business’s, and investors can easily access from your own branded website.

Does it not make sense after you have invested considerable capitol to design and deploy you website that consumers actually use it to get information they are looking for. The challenge I put forth to anyone creating content is to not allow your brand to be diluted or ensnared in a walled garden.

We all know that todays consumer wants information fast, and they will want to go to the source for that information, so if your not already distributing your product or service info, using audio and video casts or if that content is not integrated well with your current site, RawVoice has a turnkey solution that can deliver your content with all the bells and whistles that take months to design and deploy within your brand that will scale as you do, and allow you to develop channels of information and content on your own website in a professional easy to navigate manner.

RawVoice is the only company that offers a scalable content display, delivery, and self publishing podcasting, video cast, blogging solution that can grow from 1 to 10,000 channels overnight, managed by anyone. The “RawVoice Generator” not only drives our popular website properties Blubrry.com, Podcasternews.com and PodcastPromos.com but also drives the media delivery and integrated publishing features for small to large companies, The RVG is perfect for schools, government agencies to deploy within existing infrastructures.

All content producers whether an individual or a company need to protect their brand, to insure the powerful viral marketing nature of blogs, podcast, video cast build your brand in order to get an edge over the competition. Don’t let someone fool you into distributing your content under their brand as your brand is to valuable to give away.