Blubrry Advertising Model Works!


I am very pleased to announce that we currently have over 100 podcasts that are part of the community at either currently running an ad deal for and getting ready to start a 6 month campaign with GotoMeeting. The team here at RawVoice was very quickly able to secure ad deals for a large number of the podcasters that are part of the community.

We are currently in negotiations with other companies and hope to seal deals so that an additional 300 podcasters at Blubrry will be able to start earning revenue just by being a part of our social podcasting site. We have worked very hard to live by the motto that Podcasters do the Work, Podcasters get Paid.

We don’t promise people they will get rich but some will be able to make car payments and more. If you are a podcaster that is looking to part of a community that does not lock you in then you need to get your site added to the Blubrry Community at