The Best Deal in Podcasting


Today I spent about 10 hours working through two new advertising campaigns we are introducing shortly and I sent notices off to a large number of and podcasters informing them of the specifics of the deals for there consideration. Just by being listed on or these shows are now going to have a chance to earn some income.

Some have asked what is the catch. Well there isn’t any. We negotiate the deals then a podcaster can opt in or opt out. Yes, it is that easy and the best part is we don’t get involved in any ridiculous contract language. One thing I would like to point out, is unlike others who claim to have vast downloads running through their sites, RawVoice actually has the right to negotiate on behalf of those listed in our communities. We represent their shows to potential advertisers.

A site can have millions of downloads but if the company’s ad inventory is only being heard in a tiny portion of those downloads then the download claims are irrelevant as it adds nothing to the company’s bottom line. Our approach is that we would rather have the opportunity to represent multiple millions of monthly downloads than to claim we have multiple of millions of downloads that we cannot represent.

We don’t care if a podcaster has 100 people downloading their show or 50,000. We treat each content producer the same, and at the same time those content producers are not committed to anything until we present it for their approval. Folks, that is the best deal in podcasting.