The Right Tool For The Job

RobRawVoice Generator

We’re starting to see podcaster’s grow their shows to the point where they may be seeking to create small networks. We’re also hearing from businesses that are interested in creating their own communities or networks around media. Both of these groups are facing the same questions when it comes to distributing media.

They want to distribute media, but that’s not all. They want to create communities around the media and provide tools for their users to subscribe to content and connect with each other. And they also want room to expand without a ridiculous amount of effort.

These desires make perfect sense. After all, podcasting in itself doesn’t create a connection with the audience. You need to make things easy and provide tools to help audience members connect with shows and each other.

Our RawVoice Generator platform addresses these issues and more. Our platform helps to simplify workflow by creating automatic file names and writing ID3 tags based on configurable information.

The audience gets social network features like friend lists, comments, one-click subscription and subscription sharing. Podcasts are searchable via show notes and tags. Podcasts can either be created within the system or aggregated from existing RSS feeds.

And you needn’t worry about scalability. The RawVoice Generator can easily handle over a thousand podcast channels.

Want to see a demo? Just head over to our podcast community at to have a look at the user facing features of the RawVoice Generator. We’ve got over a thousand podcasts in the Blubrry community and more are added everyday.

The back end admin provides even more features including ad survey management, detailed statistics and a variety of publishing options. If you need a solution for your podcast network or community you can always contact us to get a full demo of the system.

Our value proposition for the RawVoice generator is a very simple one. It works. It’s built for podcasting. And it’s backed up by a great team of passionate and knowledgeable people.