RawVoice has OPML List for all our Podcast Communities!


One of the great Features of the RawVoice Generator Instant Media Solution which we commercially license, is that beyond doing mashing up RSS feeds a dozen different ways from Sunday is that we also have OPML feeds integrated in the system.

Note: If you do not know what a OPML feed is please see the end of the post.

Listed below are the OPML feeds for our various communities

Tech Podcast Network OPML

Category RSS Listing

Master Program Listing

Programs by Category

Blubrry Podcast Community OPML

Category RSS Listing

Master Blubrry Programs

Blubrry Programs by Category

Podcaster News Podcast Community

Category RSS Listing

Master Podcaster News Programs

Podcaster News Programs by Category

OPML feeds are very useful in being able to get import a large number of respective RSS feeds. Take example our Podcast News Programs by category OPML feed. You will find that it has each category on PCN listed. It then list each show and the respective shows RSS feed in the list under the specific category.

So you can take a OPML feed and import the entire family of shows from each website into a Podcast Aggreator like Juice or FeedDemon and that would allow you to mass subscribe to all the shows.

Their are many other uses as well and we hope that those that have podcast directories and podcast aggreators will import our programs by category into their applications.