Podfading in the Podcasting Space


We have been pretty aggressive in only allowing podcasts that are active to be listed on Blubrry.com and TechPodcasts.com over the past month I have removed over 300 shows from the community because their last show that was published is over 90 days old.

While I have about a 50 more to remove I have been removing shows slowly as I have been collecting data while I removed them. One of the things I have found out is that the average podfaded podcast does not make it past show 7. If they make it past show 7 they typically have a much higher survival rate.

No one wants to listen to old content and while I would like to tighten up those participating in the community to 60 days we are going to see how 90 days works. In reality for a show to be successful the host needs to be podcasting weekly or at the very least a minimum of every 10–14 days.