We Love Podcasters


Recently there has been some grousing by people in the podcast space that’s specifically directed towards the larger community of podcast producers. These people believe that podcasting is not growing as a medium because….drumroll please…podcasters are killing the space.

We’ve heard some silly arguments about many issues surrounding podcasting, but this one takes the cake. Saying that podcasters are the real enemy of the growth of the medium is like saying that trees are killing the forest. So if that really needed to be said then we really need to say that we love podcasters. Podcasters are the reason why this medium has grown so robustly over the last two and a half years.

Podcasters are the reason why the Portable Media & Podcast Expo became the Podcast & Portable Media Expo. The organizers didn’t throw the work podcast in the front for nothing. Podcasting is leading the new media revolution into uncharted territory. Podcasters are also the reason that the expo (now dubbed the Podcast & New Media Expo) will be three days long instead of two.

Podcasters are also the reason that the PodCamp phenomenon has exploded. Some people think that podcasters are cheap. We don’t. The personal effort, spending of personal funds along with the travel expenses on these events tells me that podcasters are exceedingly generous with their time and their money. After all, most podcasters are average people with families and/or mortgages plus health and education expenses. We’re greatful for whatever they can spend to make these events worthwhile for the community.

We recently put the call out to help fight Cystic Fibrosis and have raised over $1000 online from podcasters generous donations. Thank you podcasters.

The message of RawVoice is simple. We’re behind podcasters. We are podcasters after all. We’re here to help. And although our resources have been stretched as we bootstrap this company we hope to have more bandwidth to work directly with podcasters soon. When that time comes we won’t charge you to learn the ‘secrets’ of podcast success. We’ll share with you what we know in an open and honest manner.

We believe that educated and informed podcast producers will grow our communities (and our revenues) a lot faster than if we acted as a gatekeeper extracting a toll for the knowledge that will help this industry to continue to thrive.