RawVoice CEO Quoted In Wall Street Journal


Today’s Wall Street Journal contains an article on the front page of their Journal Report section titled, “How To Be A Star In A YouTube World.”

The article focuses on what it takes to stand out at a time when social media has become so prevalent. Our own CEO Todd Cochrane was interviewed for the piece and they’ve included Todd’s opinion on one of the traits necessary for success as an independent media producer.

“Shows that are consistent have a tendency to grow more than those that aren’t,” says Todd Cochrane, a podcaster and founder of RawVoice Inc., which builds podcasting sites for individuals and companies.

Consistency is definitely very important in building and keeping an audience. Independent media producers need to be consistent in their content as well as their production schedule in order to build a steady following.

Also quoted in the article is Mignon Fogarty, whose Grammar Girl podcast is a member of our Blubrry community.

“Grammar Girl,” a popular podcast about proper language usage, gets an update every Thursday like clockwork. That regular schedule is crucial to the podcast’s creator, Mignon Fogarty. “When the shows I listen to don’t come out, I get very frustrated,” she says.

Once again we agree. If podcasters are looking to build a solid brand around their shows then they need to keep the audience in mind. Of course, finding the right balance for a publishing schedule is really a show to show thing.

We’re not pushing any hard and fast rules here, but we do recommend that you tune in to your audience to make sure that their expectations on the timing of your shows are set properly.

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