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Podshow recently announced that they are starting a Tech channel on their network. Their new PodShow TECH channel will be helmed by former PC Mag writer John C. Dvorak. Congrats John!

I think its a testament to the growth of new media when a former naysayer such as Dvorak embraces the industry. Back in 2003 John showed a remarkable disdain for blogs in general. John has also put forth the notion that tagging posts falls into the category of, “…one of these crackpot ideas.” (To Tag Or Not To Tag, That Is The Question)

When podcasting came along John was unimpressed to say the least. How could a medium that relies on as John stated, “…the trendy, overhyped iPod,” survive? The visionary statement from John that podcasting would eventually take its place beneath whittling and fingernail clipping as sources of entertainment is certainly a revealing one. Once again, we’d like to congratulate John on his new postion. We’re glad that he has come around to see the light.

We look forward to seeing what the PodShow TECH channel brings to the party. In the meantime, you can head over to a RawVoice community known as the Tech Podcast Network and find a multitude of great information, education and discussion on all things tech.

There are 63 shows and counting on the Tech Podcast Network. We could have a lot more there in terms of volume but we’ve got some basic listing requirements that insure that the shows that do appear on the network meet a certain level of quality. You can also check out one of our Tech Podcast Round Tables to learn about some hot tech topics and find out more about the Tech Podcast Network.

We’ll apologize in advance for including a crackpot idea like tags over on TechPodcasts.com to help you find the technology information you’re looking for. I guess you could say that we’re just silly like that 😉

3 Comments on “Welcome To The Tech Podcast Party”

  1. Todd,
    Dvorak’s been doing Cranky Geeks and guesting on TWIT for about a year now. I’d hardly say he’s just entering the space.

    As far as his comments go, he’s all about generating controversy, which gets him attention, bringing more traffic to his site, or more purchases of magazines and books with his articles in them.

    He’s completely hit-and-miss with his comments and predictions. Being generous, I’d say he’s about 35% hit, and 65% miss.

  2. We’re well aware of John’s presence on TWIT. It has been a good move, in spite of his past opinions, to embrace the blogging and podcasting community.

    The general welcome to the party is for PodShow. Although PodShow has a couple of high profile tech shows I think this is the first time they have staked a claim on the tech vertical.

    The interest in the space is great. We think that podcasting is growing at a nice rate. As more traditional media skeptic types move into the space everyone benefits from the exposure.

  3. John C. Dvorak will be to the tech podcasting world what Howard Stern is (in his better days) to commercial radio.

    He’s got opinions on just about everything that beeps and blinks!

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