RawVoice Builds Audiences We Don’t Drive Them Away!


The primary goal here at RawVoice is to help podcasters build audiences. We do that by providing clean and easy to use podcast community websites that are not full of ads and non member video content. Our sites are full of active shows that want to be part of a community. The consumption and deliver of our community of podcasters media remains the highest priority.

Imagine if we forced our podcasters to pre-roll, some ridiculous help us we suck ads in front of their shows. As a content producer myself I shudder to think of allowing the company I host with force a suck less ad at the beginning of each show as Podshow is doing in front of every podcast on their network

Listeners don’t want to hear that crap they want to listen to the specific content producers content they don’t want to listen to some ad that begs people to help the service they are on suck less.

We do the best we can to listen to our communities all the time. We may not succeed 100% of the time but rest assured that we don’t need special campaigns to access the pulse of the podcast community. We’re podcasters ourselves so we look at everything we do from that perspective.

I encourage podcasters that are looking to build their audiences to consider Blubrry.com, PodcasterNews.com or TechPodcasts.com as a destination for your show because we are in the audience building business.