Calling Yahoo Podcasts


Is anyone else out there distressed at the fact that the Yahoo Podcast Directory has not been updated in months? The date of silence on podcast episodes varies but many are frozen sometime at the end of April 2007.

Our own CEO Todd Cochrane has (had?) over 1400 subscribers for his Geek News Central podcast on Yahoo. The last updated show was published on April 20th. No updates to his feed for over two months. What about all those listeners who subscribed using the Yahoo engine?

Its very possible that many podcasters have lost some or all of their audience members who subscribed via Yahoo. Thats a shame because audience members are the life blood of podcasting. As we’ve stated here before RawVoice is here to help build your audience, not drive them away. If you’ve been able to increase your audience by your presence in Yahoo Podcasts then we’re happy about that. And we don’t want to see you lose that audience.

So we’re reaching out on this blog to the folks that run Yahoo Podcasts. If you need help getting the system running again, please contact us. Its a cryin shame that a major player like Yahoo should be absent for the growing community of independent media producers and their audiences. Aggregating content from feeds is a core part of our business and there is a strong likelihood that our CIO Angelo can help bring the system back online.

Whatever the situation we want to see it solved so podcasters can continue to build their shows and audiences can continue to enjoy great independently produced content.