Association of Downloadble Media aka ADM


This morning I awoke to a barrage of email from podcasters and people in the podcasting space asking me why RawVoice was not supporting the new Association of Downloadable Media “ADM”. My first reaction was what new organization?

I read the groups press release, and was quite surprised that this was the first we were hearing of the new organization considering they have had two meetings already, and considering how we have been a leader in verifiable podcast media measurement space my initial reaction was pretty predictable.

After making some calls, and finding out a little bit more about what their goals are I am quite confident that RawVoice will become a corporate member of the organization.

I want to state that RawVoice wants the podcasters and media buyers that we support to know, that we will continue to take active role in the development and expansion of podcast media measurements as we have since 2005!

RawVoice remains committed to providing verifiable validation of podcast impressional deliveries, as they are tied to advertising campaigns that we manage. We will have some new announcements in the near future on our own internal developments in this space.

Our hope is that any contributions we make to the Association of Downloadable Media “ADM” benefit media creators and their audiences first and foremost.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice