Podcasters Helping Podcasters


Most of the team members here at RawVoice also actively maintain their own blogs and podcasts. So we know how frustrating it can be when a service provider experience is less than satisfying.

Anna Farmery is a dedicated business blogger and podcaster who found herself in such a situation recently. We’ve done what we could to help Anna move her entire podcast over to our Podcaster News service. With the help of our CIO Angelo and our Director of Content Jeff Hinz I’m happy to say that the mission has been accomplished.

The Engaging Brand podcast can now be found on PCN, Blubrry (where its been for a while) and anywhere else Anna would like to submit her show. The most difficult part of the exercise involved moving every one of Anna’s archived episodes on to a new server, while building her a new feed that pointed to the episodes. The fact that Anna’s podcast was on Blubrry made the process easier for Angelo, who whipped up the proper scripts to update her feed with the new enclosure addresses.

Jeff Hinz also stepped up by connecting with Anna and taking care of some of the less technical related details.

There’s still some work to do as far as getting Anna’s iTunes feed straight, but we’re just glad that Anna can keep rolling forward producing quality business content.

The message we want to send to the community is a very simple. We’re committed to committed podcasters. RawVoice is literally at the beginning of what we see as a very long road in providing services that make a difference to podcasters. Keep an eye out, stay close and enjoy the ride.