Advertiser Finders Fee!


I want to remind all content creators that are part of our community that you can earn money within the community by just using your own great connections in the media space you create content in.

If you have a relationship with a vendor that is or currently is thinking about getting into the space and your show may not have enough traffic to entice them to advertise we have a great incentive for you.

If you introduce use to a vendor we will work with you and the vendor to come up with a media buy that once signed will earn you 10% of the gross on the buy for the first year of the relationship.

What would you rather have 100% of the revenue from a single show or 10% of the revenue from a 1000 shows. I know which one I would pick. So introduce your vendors to the RawVoice team and we will work with you on the media buy. Drop us an email

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice