The Right To Publish Once


The folks at Miro are pressing an idea that is based on a very fundamental concept. They prefer a user-centric approach to publishing media (particularly video) on the web.

Their blog post states, “”It makes absolutely no sense for a single video to be published twice, let alone five or ten times! Treating the user as the point of aggregation pretty much solves this one…”

We see a web these days where a video producer is compelled to upload to half a dozen sites. The need to do this makes things harder on video producers as well as their audiences.

Walled in systems trap content. And they force producers and audiences to scurry around searching to meet their own needs.

If we all architect systems that make it easier for users to find the content they want without making producers do extra work then we’ve done something right.

Technology has the power to help solve a lot of problems. Or it can create more problems. Its all up to people like us who are rolling out news systems for distributing and consuming media. I vote for solving problems so that rich media based on the web can get from producers to their audiences as smoothly as possible.

Now its time to go out and walk that talk. 🙂