Podcasting Stats That can be Trusted!

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For a long time we have been manually processing podcaster statistics that are on ad deals with us while time consuming it was accurate. I knew the system we used was one that could be trusted. With the incident that has happened at a popular hosting provider this month where stats and log files have been flaky since the third week of July I am very happy that I have been on the RawVoice Stats Generator for almost a month.

We have about 20 shows that have been running their media data through the RawVoice Stats Generator now for over a month, and later this week we are going to open it up and they will get to see what we have been collecting.

While the Stats Generator it is still in Beta, I think we have really hit a home run here, as picky as I am on this subject we want to make sure the numbers are extremely accurate, not only for our advertiser reporting but also for the podcasters on those media buys.

Podcast Statistics has been a big discussion point for a lot of podcasters and media companies. We now will have a free solution for those part of our community but also for any company wanting to have a commercial / enterprise solution.

We will be announcing our commercial pricing in the coming weeks but let me be the first to say if your looking for a video, audio, media measurement solution we now have one that is based on two years of research in collecting podcast media statistics.