Our Vision For Media Statistics

RobRawVoice Statistics

RawVoice Statistics

RawVoice is proud to have launched our beta of RawVoice Statistics. We hope that RawVoice Statistics will do for media stats what Google Analytics has done for web page statistics. We’ve designed a system that is easy to use, flexible and powerful all at the same time.

The first step in deploying this system is complete. We have integrated the system with our Blubrry Podcast Community. In the coming weeks we will perform similar integrations with the Tech Podcast Network and Podcaster News.

RawVoice Statistics also runs as a stand alone system. So those who produce content not affiliated with one of our communities will be able to use the system as well. Small networks will find RawVoice Statistics useful because they will be able to manage statistics for multiple shows under a single account.

RawVoice Statistics is easily redeployable. That means we can configure a custom version of this system, complete with unique branding, on a dedicated server. If you are an online media network we can help you start gathering meaningful media statistics for all of your online media, including downloadable media and streaming flash players for audio or video. You don’t even need to have an RSS feed.

If you are a Web2.0 startup that will be hosting rich media be sure to drop us a line before you spend precious time designing, coding and testing a media statistics system. We can help.

This is just the beginning of the beta. We’ll probably have to squash a few bugs initially to make the first cut of the basic system complete. The next step, in a TBD time frame, is to begin deploying features for an advanced version of the system that will be geared towards the most serious media producers and online networks.

Contact us to schedule a discussion and a demo of the current RawVoice Statistics system.