Why would a Podcaster be Exclusive to One Company

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I have been very surprised recently that podcasters are once again signing contracts that lock them into being exclusive with one company.

New media creators should not have be exclusive to any company. The second I hear that a podcaster has signed an exclusive deal with a company I ask myself what in the world were they thinking.

RawVoice never requires a podcaster to be exclusive, and this is one of the things we are very proud of. When a podcaster signs a contract with a podcast company to get all of their advertising for their shows exclusively from one company this is a recipe for disappointment.

RawVoice does not need to put out a press release stating we have signed a podcast because today RawVoice represents the 1500 plus podcasters in our communities equally. Every podcast that is part of our three companies have given us permission to negotiate on their behalf with no lock in plus they have the option to opt out if we do not deliver a deal that they don’t like.

We don’t make a dime until they do. RawVoice continues to be the best deal in town and 100’s of podcasters are getting paid monthly as part of that effort.