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RawVoice is proud to announce the beta release of RawVoice Statistics. Reliable statistics for downloadable and streaming media are only a few clicks away.

New York 8/9/2007 10:56 PM GMT (TransWorldNews) For many media producers who distribute their content online, usage tracking is an arduous task. In recent years strong gains have been made in the area of web analytics with the introduction of the Google Analytics website tracking service. Unfortunately, services such as Google Analytics don’t provide usable metrics for streaming and downloadable media. With the release of their RawVoice Statistics engine the new media experts at RawVoice have answered the call to provide online media producers with a reliable system to gather statistics.

RawVoice Statistics is built from the ground up to support analysis of downloadable and streaming media. The system is easy to use, powerful and flexible. Users of the system can track a handful or thousands of media files regardless of media host or publishing system.

RawVoice Statistics supports data gathering on a wide variety of audio and video media formats including MP3, M4A, MOV, M4V, FLV and WMA.  The system’s custom filtering algorithm eliminates multiple requests from a single user to provide a more accurate picture of how large the audience is for each media file.

RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane knows the value of accurate and reliable media statistics. Todd’s industry leading podcast, Geek News Central (www.geeknewscentral.com), has been downloaded millions of times since its inception in late 2004. “There has been a huge gap in the tools available for podcasters and other online media producers to track the audience for their content. My team at RawVoice has built a system that will lead the way in allowing everyone from indie podcast producers to major media networks to gather useful data about their audiences.”

RawVoice Statistics is available right now to select members of the Blubrry (www.blubrry.com) Podcast Community. In the coming weeks the service will be opened up to members of the Podcaster News (www.podcasternews.com) and Tech Podcast Network (www.techpodcasts.com) communities.

RawVoice Statistics isn’t only a solution for RawVoice’s podcast communities. The system is deployable as a stand alone media statistics engine. Any web based media distributor can license RawVoice Statistics with a custom domain, branding and an enhanced feature set.

If your organization needs to start gathering meaningful statistics about the media you’re distributing online you should make it a point to contact RawVoice (www.rawvoice.com) today.

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