New Media Networks Need Tools


One of the trends that we predicted early on was that new media networks would be a growth market. When people started podcasting back in 2004 it was only logical that like content would eventually gravitate together. RawVoice started one of the early networks with our Podcaster News network of audio podcasts.

Since then a lot has happened. A wide variety of networks have formed. The commercial aspirations of these networks may vary but one common thread revolves around audiences. Networks want to maximize their interaction with audiences. This helps the shows in the network to grow. And as the shows grow audience they certainly grow in value. There are some pieces missing from many networks though.

Consistent Branding – Many new media networks fail to apply consistent branding that recognizes the network. Do you think of the peacock when you think of NBC? Part of the value of a network lies in the connection of the overall brand with the individual brands. In some cases the overall brand is applied everywhere but the individual shows are missing branding. New media networks should have an overall brand applied consistently across their shows. And then each show should have its own unique branding.

Audience Tools – Many new networks consist of a main site that links to a bunch of show. Maybe that main site shows a list of recent episodes. The individual show sites will have RSS feeds and commenting. Beyond that there are few tools available to help the audience connect and stay loyal to the shows in the network. Why can’t each new media network be its own social network?

Connecting The Shows – If audiences like one show in the network then maybe they will like others. Have shows run inter-network promotions for other shows. And always have them mention that they are a part of the network. If branding has been properly applied at the network and show level then there’s no chance that this will cause a show to lose their identity or confuse their audience. And having the right tools makes this process much simpler.

We’ve been following this approach with our Tech Podcast Network and we have seen good growth. We’re also seeing increased interest in shows wanting to be a part of the network.

The items mentioned above surely aren’t the only components to building a successful new media network. They are very important though.

We are lucky enough to have the power of the RawVoice Generator working for us to give us the tools, connections and branding necessary to allow our properties to grow. If you’ve got a new media network that needs help in these areas then our system could probably work for you.

We’re always eager to talk about it so drop us a line when you want to talk about how we can help you to build a killer new media or podcast network.