RawVoice Joins Association for Downloadable Media


 Last week during our normal board meeting the team made the decision to join the Association for Downloadable Media. By us joining we hope to be able to represent the 1800 plus podcasters that we work with.

Our hope is that corporate members of the organization will remain transparent and not abuse their future positions within the organization as a method to gain competitive advantage.

We will be proposing that the association have very firm rules in the utilization of the organizations logos and organizational titles. Their needs to be a very strict line drawn in the sand in order to insure that there are no conflicts or Interest.

Example: John Smith from ACME Podcasting is the Chairman of a particular committee or the organization. Rules should be in place that does not allow John to use his ADM title in his corporation’s correspondence. When John represents the ADM their needs to be strict line drawn in the sand in when and how ones title or position at ADM can be used outside of the ADM.

This is just one point that is going to be critical in ensuring that the organization can maintain a level playing field. We are going to really work hard to encourage the members that everything the organization does needs to be open to the podcasting community at large.

This will build confidence and ensure that corporate or personal agendas are not driving the organization. The first year is going to be critical in ensuring that the podcasting community builds confidence in what the organization is doing.

Todd Cochrane CEO RawVoice