RawVoice announces our support of IODA/PROMONET



IODA is the leading digital distributor of independent music, helping thousands of labels of all genres distribute their music all over the world.  PROMONET is a new promotional music distribution network from IODA – the Independent Online Distribution Alliance.  PROMONET has designated 1,000’s of individual songs from their stable of artists as being PODSAFE – ready to be played on your show!

And now, RawVoice is able to track IODA/PROMONET songs that are sold by each podcaster through our Blubrry and Tech Podcasts Affiliate Advertising Program.

So, here are the four steps to playing great music and earning income through the Blubrry Podcast Community:

1. Learn more and sign up for an account with IODA/PROMONET:

2. Learn more and sign up for the Blubrry Affiliate Advertising program you must be a Blubrry Community Member first: http://www.blubrry.com/affiliates.

3. Go to IODA/PROMONET/My Account/Edit My Profile and enter your unique 7-digital Blubrry Affiliate Ad Code in the Rhapsody Affiliate Code space.

4. Promote an IODA song that you play on your show in your show notes with the “Buy at Rhapsody” link you get from IODA.

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