The Hidden Value of the Tech Podcast Network unleashed!

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Since RawVoice acquired Tech Podcast earlier in the year we have been working really hard to increase the value of the brand and by the increase in traffic to the site we are happy with the progress.

In a recent meeting we had with members of the network we shared ways in which the network can work closer together with each of the independent media creators and have a good plan for ongoing growth headed into the new year.

The combined reach of the shows in the network amazes even us and we really want to continue to grow the community. Thus over the next few months we will be taking a closer look at technical shows in the podcasting community and will be extending invitations for them to join.

While it is well known that tech has been the easiest to sell advertising to, the real value being gained by companies advertising in the tech podcast space is being realized in record setting ROI.

We are proud to be the team that has been able to facilitate keeping many of the same advertisers in the podcasting ad space approaching three years running now with most increasing their buys each quarter.

Being the network is growing we have a significant amount of inventory available that we would like to move advertisers into thus if you have a company that would make a good fit. Help us land some new deals and we will reward you for bringing new advertisers into the space.

Most importantly if you are a tech podcaster and you meet the networks strict listing requirements we invite you to apply for membership.