Post PodCamp AZ Thoughts – PodCamp Arizona is Great Place to Podcasters

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PodCamp AZ (Arizona) was a huge success. Michelle and Brent Spore planned, what I would call, the perfect un-conference. The venue was organized well, the sessions were ordered in a way that allowed podcasters at different experience levels to gain knowledge during every part of the day. I obtained a lot of knowledge from the event and I am grateful that I was able to attend.

I almost filled my notebook with ideas, suggestions and thoughts during the PodCamp. It is obvious to me that most of the focus of the sessions were geared to how to get started and how to monetize your podcast. RawVoice has been addressing these issues since the beginning and the entire PodCamp experience has reinforced my view that what we doing at RawVoice is what we should be doing.

The PodCamp provides a venue that is exclusively for podcasters. Even though RawVoice was a sponsor, we weren’t sitting there trying to spoon feed our message. Instead, knowledge was shared and friendships were made. The whole experience makes me think that Todd should move the Podcast Awards to one of the PodCamps scheduled for 2007. This type of atmosphere is definitely where the recognition of the great work everyone does should be recognized.

Below are some photos from PodCamp AZ.