BlogWorld Expo Wrap Up


BlogWorld Expo was a great first blogging and podcasting event. While there were very few podcasters their the interest was still quite high by many bloggers.

One of the things that Leo Laporte said during his Friday very early morning keynote was that Bloggers need to be Podcasting and Podcasters need to be Blogging. In regards to we all have to become essentially distribution channel agnostic.

I am sure the show will continue to grow and we will examine being a exhibitor next year but on thing is certain being in the sessions was very eye opening.

I will have more to say about some of the sessions in regards to podcasting when the audio archives are made available as there are some points that will need to be addressed.

I have a full write up of Day 1 and Day 2 on my personal blog. I hope you will skim the play by play.