Community News Letter


RawVoice Community News Letter

Aloha Everyone

I need to send out a quick blast today to all three of our podcast communities. First of all we have seen a surge in the number of podcasters joining the communities thus a hearty welcome to all. We encourage all of you that are new to utilize the resource list at the bottom of this announcement to get more info on the communities and programs we have for you to build your podcast audiences and help monetize your shows.


As all of you are aware the Zune Marketplace introduced podcasting support this morning. We had a few emails from users of the Stats system saying that their media was not downloading.  If you are a user of our stats system we sent out a notice over two weeks ago indicating a small change in the URL structure of the redirect.

We have also followed up with all users that have not updated their links via private email this morning. But you can find info on the changes in the “Getting Started” drop down on the stats main user page.

Advertising Survey Info

Over the past 3 weeks we have submitted up to 6 proposals to perspective advertisers. All of the proposals are built from data you submit in your advertising surveys. Sadly some shows on our properties are not going to be offered ad deals because they have simply failed to fill out our ad survey. So please go to “your settings” once your logged into BluBrry and get those surveys filled out.

Additionally we will be opening up a new portal for Advertisers to build their own media plans. All shows in the RawVoice communities will have the chance to gain exposure to an advertiser through that system.  But only those shows that have completed the ad survey will be in the featured listings. All other shows that have not “completed” the ad survey will be displayed with default data that is in your show profile.

Finders Fee

That’s right we pay a 10% finders fee for a whole year for any deal that you help bring to the table. I have paid multiple thousands of dollars to content creators that have helped us forge new advertising deals.

Regular News

In all honesty I have more to cover than you probably want to read but I hope you will take the time to review this to keep up to date on what we have cooking.

-We have numerous developers working on projects and you are going to see a significant number of new services brought online in the coming weeks.

-Our participation in Podcamp Boston, Podcamp Arizona and BlogWorld Expo was well received and we would like feedback on how we can better serve you in those events.

-Our Affiliate Program is going to have some tweaks put to it as we want to assist those participating in helping them close the deal. Details of this will be coming from Jeff in the coming weeks

-Advertisement Payments we hope to start sending August Payments for GotoMeeting later this week and we also have several months of GoDaddy Payments to send out as well.

-Forum participation we have seen a increase in forum participation and that has been well received, we also have started to see more people use our player on their websites and utilize the JuiceIt widget which is resulting in significant number of plays on shows sites along with shows getting more exposure on the front page. You can find all of these features in the menu system available via “Your Settings”

Finally please subscribe to this blog feeds and the RawVoice blog feed this is where we will keep you up to date on the day to day happenings within your perspective communities.

Thanks for being part of one or more of the RawVoice communities and we hope that your active participation in the community helps your and other shows in the community grow.