Zune MarketPlace Podcast Subscriptions Explode!


ZunegraphAngelo the CIO here at RawVoice was well prepared to make sure that we were ready when the new Zunes were introduced. We wanted to make sure that our podcast stats service was ready to track the Zune MarketPlace Downloads.

Today while I was checking my personal podcast stats. I found that I had obtained an amazing number of downloads from people using the Zune MarketPlace.

One thing is readily apparent. The Big Bold “Podcast” listing on the Zune Menu on the player, and the one click subscription method in the Marketplace is going to really increase the reach of Podcasting.

It may even be more significant than iTunes over time. In the iTunes menu you have to dig and dig to find a Podcast but one thing that the folks at Zune did was make podcasting link and directory as prominent as music, and the podcast content is easy to find.

While the Zune Player is lower in Market share than the iPod by a long stretch, the simple fact that people are going to be able to find podcast easier in the Zune Marketplace is significant.

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