PodcasterNews Media Hosting Moved


Today we took the first steps to improve the media delivery of the Podcaster News Network. The primary hosting provider we have used for a couple of years once again had media delivery issues. Since we had already done the needed testing I told our CIO to make the switch.

Recent concerns that the statistics from that media property were being aggregated into that companies press releases also prompted us to make the change.

The media for PCN is now being hosted by CDN Panther Express and cross archived on our own archiving platform. We have spent a lot of time in recent weeks making improvements to the RawVoice Generator giving us the ability now to host on multiple platforms such as Amazon S3 and other CDN services like Panther Express.

The RawVoice Generator which is the only commercially available podcast publishing platform and combined social media site, has nearly three years of continuous development, and is the most powerful new media publishing platform on the net today that supports all of our communities and those of our customers.

The ability to push media to wherever we need it to go on a show by show basis was important because we understand that each shows producers needs are different. While most new amateur media creators do not need the power of a CDN like Panther Express. Some seasoned creators and those with large audiences or even shows that have seen immediate success may need the power of a CDN delivery service.

RawVoice is committed to bringing added value services to those podcasters that we work with and those that host their media on our platform.