Lets talk Podcast Advertising Return on Investement


This post is primarily for Advertisers that have been asking questions about Podcast Advertising, but should make good reading for all Cross Posted from CEO Todd Cochrane’s Blog

Since June of 2005 when I brought GoDaddy into the Podcast Advertising space they have remained a very loyal advertiser across the entire podcasting space. The same can be said for GotoMeeting and GotoMyPC who have been on-board since about the same time.

It should be noted by those reading this, that these two vendors are fast approaching three years of continuous advertising in podcasting space, more on that in a moment.

While I realize nothing in life is forever, and those companies could change where they are putting their advertising dollars tomorrow. A question companies small and large need to ask themselves is this. What does GoDaddy, GotoMeeting, and GotoMyPC know about the Podcast Advertising space that they don’t, and what would cause these companies to remain heavily invested in the Podcast Advertising space for two plus years?

I am going to share a secret with you, and while I cannot share exact metrics due to client confidentiality here is the secret sauce so pay attention! “Over the Top Return on Investment

So you say Todd well what is the proof that the ROI is that good? Well I’ll let you think about that for just a milli-second but consider that these two companies have been advertising non-stop for two years in the same shows large and small! How many vendors do you have a two year plus relationship with that is generating ROI that make your Monday morning marketing meetings a joy to report?  Better yet what media property have you sponsored for two straight years?

How often do you brief your boss that a class of advertising is out performing all others? Better yet do you have the bragging rights that your campaigns are beating the companies national average?

An important question you need to ask is this, what is the strategy that me and my team at RawVoice have employed that has kept 2 heavy hitters in the space invested and renewing advertising contracts each quarter? To get that answer, we will have to have a private conversation, my contact info is in the side bar of this website. I am available after 8am Hawaiian Standard Time.

While other Podcasting companies historically get a short term advertising deal here and there, almost none keep the advertisers as a long term client!  This is another question you will have to ask why? Which should make you ponder how RawVoice is keeping Vendors long term!

I am very proud that a small startup like RawVoice, which has been bootstrapped by a group of motivated entrepreneurs that know the podcasting space has been consistent month to month for over two years earning significant ROI for the vendors we work with.

Now I have a question for you and then some final comments. The question I want to ask those of you in the advertising space is this how come you are sitting on the sidelines, and not jumping on-board and doing Podcasting Advertising deals? I really want to know! Comments or Private Email is welcomed.

Some Take Away Talking Points for you to consider

  • RawVoice does all the leg work and together we sign a single IO.
  • We currently have XX Millions of deliverable inventory each month!
  • We have shows that represent highly diverse and focused content.
  • Podcasting is the ultimate Audience Engagement medium.
  • Trust Level between Listener and Producer unparalleled.
  • Easy to negotiate big or small buys.
  • Rock solid validated media statistics “RawVoice Statistics”.
  • Measurable ROI if you follow our Guidelines.
  • Highly defined audiences you know exactly who is listening.

There are dozen more points I could put on this post, but the most important is this. “Podcast Audience engagement factor is worth it’s weight in gold if not abused by the media creator”.

An effective podcast advertising campaign can be put together in a couple of days with results that can be accurately measured. If you have been sitting on the fence as an advertiser I would encourage you to talk to me and my team and get a understanding of how we put deals together that will result in higher ROI, then you are getting today in other advertising mediums.

The price to play is affordable for most companies and if I can beat your National ROI maybe you to will have something to crow about on your Monday morning staff meetings. Let me put a RFP together for your company today. ceo@rawvoice.com