New Website Released Today!

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RawVoice is proud to announce the new site design for PCN was RawVoice’s very first site that we launched in 2005 and has had significant success in being a primary point of presence for a number of podcasts that are all short format content.

With this update a whole new site design has been implemented including a new publishing and site management system which will allow our podcasters to publish Video along with Audio. We also are now featuring new content on the front page in a unique way that allows all podcasters to get equal exposure to listeners.

The new design really brings out the fact that the content being created on the network is truly a team effort and that ever content creators content is treated as a integral part of the overall network.

With this roll out we have introduced our new stream lined Podcast Publishing system which allows podcasters the ability to essentially have a full blown multi-media publishing system as media creators can now Blog, Publish Audio or Video all within a very streamlined interface that we feel is quite evolutionary

The RawVoice generator is the first comprehensive media publishing platform that has integrated podcast media publishing and a blogging component that is commercially available to any third party company looking for their own platform.

Be sure to visit and check out the power of the new website in consuming content and if you want a test drive of the new publishing system contact the team here at RawVoice.