RawVoice launches one-stop podcasting spot in PodcastFaq.com


Everything you need to know about podcasting now available

Las Vegas, NV 2/05/2008 08:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

RawVoice, the world’s leading community-driven podcast media firm, announces PodcastFaq.com, a site that offers podcasters and those interested in podcasting comprehensive insight into the field.

PodcastFaq.com includes history, technology, trends and a portal to several online communities and directories. The site also offers a detailed glossary, support and instruction on how to create a podcast as well as a user forum.

“The past few years, while evolving RawVoice, we gained a ton of knowledge about podcasting,” explains Todd Cochrane, CEO and co-founder of RawVoice. “Having gone to conferences, meetups and workshops and sharing the information we’d learned, we realized that we needed to get this stuff out of our heads and make it available to not only the community but the world.”

Designed for efficient navigation, PodcastFaq.com is making it a snap to find information. Users can go to www.PodcastFaq.com today and begin browsing the site for everything they want to know about podcasting. “The site will be equally valuable to newcomers and seasoned podcasters,” Cochrane says. “It is all-inclusive; we value everyone’s knowledge and have opened the site to the community for contribution.”

RawVoice Inc. is an innovative media firm that has developed into a powerhouse marketing arm for the podcasting community. It is leading the way in building next-generation media communities and networks by providing individuals and organizations access to its suite of powerful tools and vibrant communities. These communities, the popular Blubrry.com, Podcasternews.com and TechPodcasts.com, are powered by the RawVoice Generator platform.

On the web: www.podcastfaq.com