You can lead a Horse to Water


Yepp thats right you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. I continue to see advertisers getting wrapped around the axel of being leery of user generated content.

Part of this attitude is because of most of the idiotic YouTube video’s. Those of us working in the podcast / new media space understand what content is fit to run advertising in. That content is a far cry from some of the brain dead content you find on many of the video sites.

While the YouTube comments are not entirely fair as their is a 1/2 a percent of 1 percent of content worth advertising in. I will say that I find it baffling that media buyers are hesitant to jump into advertising on Podcast.

Let me think here

  • Target Audience “Check”
  • Target Demographic “Check”
  • Target Age “Check”
  • Target Region “Check”
  • Extremely Accurate Reporting “Check Check”

The list goes on and on. So if your one of those Horses that keep getting close to the water, why don’t you dip your head in. Because what you will find is the freshest, coolest water you will ever drink.

Once you have a taste of the ROI this medium returns to your coffers you are gonna want to pull a semi-tractor up and suck up all the inventory.

We have millions of listeners ready to hear your message today. The question is are you ready to really engage them?  Sooner or later the fairy tale, vendors are living in, with working with big media will be over.

Oh almost forgot. The vendors we work with totally get it and have been consistently in the coming on three years. If that is not a testament to the space nothing is.