Angelo Mandato RawVoice CIO to Speak at AdTech


Angelo Mandato RawVoice CIO will be presenting today at AdTech in San Francisco. The panel he is slated to participate in will be the culmination of several months of work on a podcast / new media measurement standards document.

Over the past couple of months Angelo has lead the Measurement committee at the Association for Downloadable Media. The committee as a whole has come up with a measurements standards document that is being announced and revealed to ADM members and the general public today.

In talking with Angelo today we both understand that this is a first step in laying lasting groundwork that will help media buyers understand that their are standards they should be looking for when working with podcast and new media companies.

RawVoice has been in the new media measurement space Since 2005 and developed media measurement standards that our media buyers trust. A majority of the standards that we and other companies in the space follow made it into this first measurement document.

A public commenting period will begin for all of the ADM documents released today. My team is looking forward to reviewing all of the other committee reports and commenting on them as well, as most of the documents being released today are being seen by many ADM members for the first time as well.