User Generated Content Still Rules!


The team here at RawVoice lives User Generated Content day in and day out. We understand the absolute power of the podcast medium, and we are in no way scared of the word Podcast.

Very sadly and disappointingly so, one company in the podcast space wants to distance themselves from the word podcast, and those that create user generated content.

Here at RawVoice we embrace podcasters, and the podcasting space. While we understand Audio and Video has been an integral part of the Internet for a long time, only in the past 4 years has it been possible to subscribe to highly focused content that you want to listen to with the added ability to listen or watch that content on your schedule and have that content automatically delivered to your portable media device.

The podcast medium is very strong and rapidly growing. RawVoice and our Podcast Communities and Podcast Networks continue to lead the way in the space by providing podcast creators the tools they say they need to grow their audiences, and measure who and where they are consuming that content.

RawVoice and our associated communities is the absolute best deal in the podcasting space, as we ensure podcast creators have the freedom to do what they do best and provide them opportunities without contracts and exclusivity.

Tenants of our Business

  • All Podcasters we work with own their show’s content
  • Podcaster are Never Exclusive with us!
  • We never touch their programming
  • We do not put our advertising around their content
  • We never tell podcasters what to do with their shows
  • We do provide monetization opportunities!
  • Content producers have final say in all Advertising offers
  • We give every show in our community site exposure equally
  • All shows are represented equally no matter size
  • We provide free tools to help build audiences
  • We provide statistic services that are among the best in the space
  • Every RawVoice team member was a Podcaster First
  • We support the community by Sponsoring Podcamps
  • We support the community by being at Industry Events
  • We support the community by providing free educational resources (PodcastFAQ)

RawVoice is a company that cares about podcasters and values their valuable contributions. RawVoice is here for the long haul and we will never scorn those that have made this space great!