RawVoice Engages 4.6 Million Downloads in 48 hrs


On Thursday we received a email from a Vendor that needed to get some Podcast Advertising Inventory in play within a couple of days. The amount of Inventory we were asked to move was 4.6 million downloads.

While we have turned on Advertising deals quickly before, their is usually a week or more to get it engaged.

We put the word out on the buy to our 2500 plus podcasters, and because we already have the majority of their shows on our Podcast Statistic Platform along with having detailed show demographic data, we were able to turn on the inventory nearly overnight,

The most important thing is we are putting huge dollars in podcasters pockets each and every month and so long as we are helping those shows do what they do best than all I can say is mission accomplished.

My only hope is that at some point in the near future I can tell potential advertisers sorry we are out of inventory. Until that day happens if you have some dollars to put in the space let us show you how we build amazing ROI for our advertising partners

Todd Cochrane CEO RawVoice