RawVoice Statistics System Update

Angelo MandatoBlubrry, PodcasterNews, RawVoice Statistics, Statistics, Tech Podcasts

If you’ve looked at your RawVoice Statistics (PodcasterNews, TechPodcasts and Blubrry Statistics) over the weekend you may have seen some changes and additions. We are in the process of adding additional functionality for paid users. Influenced by Google’s model of providing free and paid services, we will continue to provide free statistics for podcasters who are members of our communities (PodcasterNews, TechPodcasts and Blubrry) and will soon offer a Premium service for those who require advanced features and branding capabilities.

The update to the RawVoice Statistics over this weekend incorporates many improvements to the system. By popular request, the drop down to select from monthly or overall reports has been ordered with the latest date first. The pie charts are now displayed using flash which include roll over tips with percentages. We are now detecting AppleTV in the clients section of the reports.

As of April 1st, user agents that are recognized as web crawlers or web bots are no longer included in the general reports. We are currently working on an audit screen to display these metrics separately.

The Premium service will be available soon. Please keep an eye on this blog for an official announcement.