PodSpam the new Vile of the Podcast Space


For the first time we have had to take drastic action and actually change the way we operate due to a epidemic of shows being submitted to one of our communities that was nothing more than PodSpam.

The details are over on the Blubrry blog but in essence we have permanently banned two rss feed generator sites mypodfeed.com and trafficgeyser.net

What is really sad is that their is a right way for all companies to get their message out, and their content heard. Sadly their are those that will prey on individuals ignorance.

Here is a word of advice if a site like trafficgeyser is promising you increased traffic for $97.00 a month I have a bridge in Brooklyn I have a bridge to sell you..

If you really want to learn to how market your site correctly through new media you need to save your money and attend a podcamp or go to the new media expo in Vegas. Do not give these people your hard earned money!