A long Hard Road to Power your Podcast!


Over the past three years the RawVoice team has worked diligently on our Podcast Generator platform. We have had the typical challenges of any start up. But one thing has remained from the beginning we have always had the goal of building some of the best new media tools and services in the space.

To date RawVoice remains a independent company that has never taken venture funding by choice. We are probably the only new media company today in the space that is financially in the black.

We have built this company with the vast majority of the team having full time jobs and split between New York and Hawaii we have remained steadfast in our goals.

Thus I am very proud to say we will be releasing a series of new services over the next 48 hours that we feel set the bar very high. We will have a lot to share at the New Media Expo. But most importantly we are bringing tools to the table that podcasters have been begging us to bring to the market for a long time.

Stay Tuned More Announcements Later Today!